Stop check valves are globe valves with the added ability to prevent flow reversal. In the open position, they function as a lift check valve. In the closed position, they are seated by thrust from the stem like a globe valve. Stop check valves must be installed with the stem vertical and flow from below the disc. When the stem is opened, pressure from below the disc opens the valve and flow proceeds until it reverses. Uses and limitations of stop check valves included in this section are the same as lift check valves, except that they have this added ability to provide positive shutoff in either direction when the stem is in the closed position. Most common use of this type valve is to replace an isolation valve (gate, globe or angle) and a check valve on the discharge of pumps or to protect equipment from reverse flow from a common header. Pacific stop check valves are available with a complete range of manual or remote actuators covered in the Actuators and Accessories section of this catalog.

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